Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wondering Around

Above, is the view from our room at the Galare Guest House. It is a cute place off the beaten path, but very close to all of the markets and bazaars.
This morning we decided to get tailored suits & shirts. The turn around is less than 24 hours!! It has been an fun experience. We also went to the day market, which is a combination of a flower market and a locals' market. We have been on a quest to find a cooking utensil for Suzy, Mike's sister, during our time here. We finally found it at the locals' market, YES! After our shirt fitting this afternoon, we decided to check out the Central Plaza (it's a HUGE mall). We took a tuk tuk (see picture below) and enjoyed the AC in the Plaza. The tuk tuks are a fun, inexpensive way to get around the city (unless you leave your beloved Prana hat in one...not so fun-ask Mike).
We had to leave the movie at the plaza early to get back for our jacket and pants fitting this evening. We are now heading off to Muay Thai boxing/fighting (they do more than just punch eachother).

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