Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The road less traveled

Yesterday we made it to Dingle!! This is a small community on the western coast of Ireland. A hike at a nearby lake was suggested by the hostel manager. We made our way up the hillside and the scenery was majestic. (see pictures , yes...those are my legs exposed. They haven't seen sunlight in a week!) The sun was out! Aside from the scenic landscape, we also had to dodge sheep scat and the water. It seemed to be abundant along, aside and on the trail. Jennifer's tennis shoes may not make it back home because of how wet and dirty they got!

This morning we decided to brave the seas and head out into Dingle bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It was raining/drizzling the entire time. Thankfully, we were working hard to get out of the bay...against the wind! I am in the background of the picture of Jeff above with the orange hat. (sorry, the pictures of just me were blurry and I thought that I should include Jeff in at least one photo since you got to see Jennifer's shoes!) We also got to be in the presence of a local celebrity, Fungi (pronounced Fun-gee) the dolphin. He has been in Dingle bay for 26 years now and likes to grace visitors to the bay with his presence. It was amazing to have him come within 4 feet of our boats!

So, tomorrow brings horseback riding (ye-haw) and driving the Ring of Kerry (it is a road around the Kerry Peninsula that takes 8 hours to drive).

PS-lots of pictures this time...enjoy!

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