Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In a basket

We are highly anticipating our trip, but we have some stuff to do first. Not the usual: pack, pick up any last minute things, or getting cash. Oh no! Ours is more like: host a family reunion AND a party for 70 people. Both of which have additional tasks that go with it (i.e. grocery shopping, house cleaning, lining up logistics). This is all on the heels of a last minute trip to Albany, NY for the passing of Mike's amazing grandfather. We shall overcome! We have everything in a basket (more like two baskets) and in my mind I am convinced that I just need to organize it all (we will see how that really ends up). That will allow us to still enjoy the wonderful moments prior to leaving.

Here is a quick "down low" on our trip: We have travel companions this time, Cody and Tara are crazy enough to join us!! We are taking a 12 hour flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo, from there a 6 hour flight to Bangkok, we arrive close to midnight (local time), then a fun filled day in Bangkok seeing the sights. We are then returning to the world class climbing and beaches of Riley (see photo)! We will be in country for 10 days total.

We have brought our cameras, so we will keep you posted about our journey!