Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're Back!!

We have now had one complete day back in SD. We are staying in Custer while we wait for our rally renters to leave tomorrow. We thank those of you that have been following the blog (both publicly and privately). This is going to be the same blog that I use for my trip to Ireland. I leave next Wednesday. Mike will be staying home to work, he doesn't have the time off.

In Ireland, I am going to be accompanying Jeff, Mike's brother, and Jennifer, whom you might remember from my trip to Chile. Jeff is returning from 8 months of active duty (6 mos. in Afghanistan) and he wanted to go to Ireland when he returned. I have the time off (glory of teaching), so I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity.

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  1. Wish I could come too, but I would be a miserable travelling companion. No one should travel with an 8 month pregnant woman. I actually go back to school on August 17. Our first day of school is the following Monday. I will teach about 3 weeks and have your newest nephew. I found a sub who is very close to having his teaching degree in Spanish - yeah for me - I don't have to stress about making my lesson plans.
    BTW - Were you in town for the baseball size hail? - we saw a clip about it today on the weather channel.