Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last full day

Since our last post we have not done any tours or trips. We have tried to get on a Sunset Snorkeling trip, but the waves and wind have been too high. Tara has an assignment to watch the moon (for a class she is taking in July), we have enjoyed finding the moon and observing its changes. It has been interesting to see how the tide has been effected by the full moon. During high tide there is very little beach still available, so we have to trek down to an area that actually has sand we can rest on. During the trek yesterday, the waves were especially vicious. They crash up against a concrete wall (created by a resort), so some nasty spills have left Tara with a scraped up hand and Mike with a scraped up foot. Nothing that is major, just enough to be a nuisance.

The boys have really wanted to experience a multi-pitch climb here in Thailand (the methods used on an overhanging multi-pitch are different than what we are used to). They woke up early to get there during low tide and worked their way up. The picture above is of the rappel, which ends on the bathroom roof of one of the local establishments! We leave tomorrow morning, so this will be our last post from Railey!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cultural Expo

Thailand is considered to be the land of smiles. Trust me, you will notice that the people here have an ease about them. Airports are more service oriented and not as difficult to deal with and get through. In Bangkok you do have to be on guard for those that are trying to get you to go to the silk factory (which I am not sure if they are just trying to get your money or take you to the middle of no where for fun!). We did enjoy the school girls at Phat Wo (reclining budda) that were fulfilling a homework assignment by asking us questions about ourselves in English. In Railey, the people are hardworking and personable. Above is the view from our balconies in Railey.

Last night we went to the night market in Krabi. It involved a 15 min boat ride and a 15 min. van ride. The picture above is from the market. She is making fresh soda popsicles. They were yummy and cost 30 cents for 3! We did a little shopping at the market, but most of our fun was experimenting with the variety of food available! Delicious as always!! We had extra time before the van returned, so Tara and I decided to partake in a "relaxing" fish foot treatment. It tickled, I wouldn't consider it relaxing. The fish are eating the dead skin off our feet...yes, it was weird!

Finally, we thought we would include a picture of where we have been posting these things from (see below). This is the internet cafe/travel agency/restaurant/laundry services place we have been frequenting. You may notice that the tide comes right up to the entrance!! We have been enjoying the tide, since it was a full moon yesterday, the tide was pretty extreme!! Very little beach was available to keep our things dry!!

Wow, how time flies! It is already Friday and we forgot to tell you about Thursday. Yesterday was spent on a kayak tour. It was beautiful and challenged our boating skills! We paddled through the open sea in order to get into, what the guide called, a canyon. Paddling through the open water was an "athletic" adventure while paddling in the "canyon" was more of an exercise in navigational skills!

The transportation to and from the kayaking tour was... exciting to say the least. After taking a long boat to Krabi we were driven to the kayaking location in the back of a covered pick-up... We didn't enjoy that part.

When we were back in Phra Nang Nicole, Cody, and Mike went climbing at the 1, 2, 3 Wall. Yes, Nicole was climbing and here's the proof!

Tonight we're headed to a night market in Krabi... more shopping for "little" things to bring back. Maybe decorations... maybe nothing. We shall see!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, go away!

After yesterday, there is no way we could top that, so we didn't! Today we spent the just chilling....some of that was decided by the weather. We were awoken this morning by a rain storm and it continued until lunch. After lunch the boys decided to brave the elements (it was still sprinkling) and go climbing. We met them for a sunset evening at the beach, I have included a picture of the beach for all to enjoy. Tomorrow....kayaking trip!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Day EVER!!

So, since our last post: Yesterday Tara and I returned to the beach for some more fun...what did we find?? I guess someone should have paid more attention to the tide!!

Today, we had to wake up "early" (as warned by the guide service) to be at the climbing shop by 9am for our day of deep water soloing. We went with a different company, which cost more, but boy it was worth it! We didn't take a longtail boat, instead our trusty steed was a SAIL BOAT! We took the dingy to the sailboat, and motored out to the deep water soloing formation. Where we climbed until lunch. For lunch we got dropped off on the beach, wedged between two sheer cliffs where we enjoyed the fish swimming at our feet. It is safe to say we were the only 4 people on the island!! We were then asked if we wanted to climb more or sail around. We opted for sailing around the rock islands, of course!! It was an amazing time on the boat, just enjoying the sunshine and stunning views! As were were sitting there Tara said to me, "Remember yesterday when we were sitting on the beach and you said Best day ever? You were LYING!"

We then did some snorkelling where we saw some amazing I have ever seen snorkling!! Upon returning to the boat and thinking "could this get any better?" we were offered fresh cut, ripe watermelon. Spitting the seeds off the gunwhales of the boat added to the experience that much more. We are now heading to dinner to enjoy the local cuisine. Great end to an amazing day.

Deep Water soloing Pictures

Monday, June 13, 2011

We have arrived!!

I have attached some photos from Bangkok of us: (top)Tara and myself drinking soda from a bag (yes, they didn't have diet coke)and(bottom) in a tuk tuk- bottom (seriously, do a google image search if you don't know how small these things are).

We made it to Railay! This is what we came for! The area is much more comfortable than Bangkok! It actually cools off at night, the people are polite and helpful (sincerely), the sun shines here, and there are fewer unexplainable smells! The photo (right) is what we looked like when we got here...2-3 bags each! This is what we had to carry to and from the boat, which was an experience all its own!

Upon arriving yesterday: We took a 45 min cab ride from Krabi airport to the port of Ao Nang. From there we took a 15 min longtail boat ride to the beach of West Railay. After checking into our hotel (which is much nicer than expected!), we spent the afternoon climbing and enjoying the beach atmosphere.

Today we have gotten our fill of sunshine (slight sunburns, but nothing we can't recover from quickly) and now the boys are out climbing while us girls have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of Thai massages and Facebook. Tara has had some major accomplishments today 1) didn't get sunburned at the beach after 3 hours and 2) making it through an interactive Thai massage. I have tried to explain Thai massages to people and it is something I really struggle with. Here is what I can say, it only costs ~$10 (before the tip) and it is a combination of chiropractic, yoga, massage and wrestling. It is really something you need to experience to understand and respect!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We made it!!

After 21 hours of in air flying time, we have made it to the land of smiles (door to door it was 28 hours). We are not posting photos yet, Sorry! We left the camera chords in the room not expecting to find an internet cafe.

We arrived in Bangkok at midnight local time. We were told on the flight that we only had to fill out one immigration form per family. That would have been great if it were true!! Instead, Mike and Tara made it through the line quickly. Cody and I had to find forms (not as easy as assumed) and right at that time another flight arrived, so the line was rediculous!

After a restful night of sleep, we went on the walking tour of Bangkok (aka. we got lost and wondered). We got to see the reclining buddha, the royal palace. We ate at a pad thai place that we enjoyed last time in Bangkok! We are currently out on the town enjoying a night market. I rank my day as a 10 since I wanted to see the reclining buddha and drink soda out of a bag...DONE!(wait for pictures tomorrow!) They serve soda in a bag because the bottles are glass deposit bottles, so they want to keep the bottle. The soda is poured in a small plastic bag with was so delicious!

Interesting things we have seen so far: guy on the plane I am convinced is coming to Bangkok to film the Hangover 3 (sweatband and mustache...I couldn't stop staring), used/previously owned dentures for sale on the street, and many smells I cannot begin to explain.

Tomorrow we head to Krabi and the Phranang area. Known for its beautiful beaches and world class climbing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Night!

Night before the trip, the last few details to take care of. If there is something not taken care of by now...we are just going to go with it! No cell phones for 12 days, it will be a nice break!! We will be checking our Facebook, e-mail and blog, so please feel free to use those to check in with us.

I know that every trip brings with it an "experience" during the travel, so here it goes!!

My travel motto, "As long as we have money (or credit cards) we are fine"