Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This will be our last post from Thailand. So, we put together some various pictures that we didn't attach before (mainly due to time, which of course is money when you are on the Internet in another country).
Last night, we had a late night (after midnight) watching Muay Thai boxing (see above). They start the evening at 9pm with kids (I would guess 9 or 10 year-olds) and progressively each match the kids got older. We left before the last match was over, it was getting too late and we still had to walk back to the hotel. Plus, by that time we had already seen over 3 hours of beatings! This style of fighting has a beginning ritual which includes a ceremonious dance each fighter does prior to the match.
We took this photo at the plaza (HUGE shopping mall). No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is a small blizzard. Unlike the US where they have a 12oz. "kiddie" blizzard and the small is actually 16oz. This Thai small blizzard only cost $0.85 and was probably 6oz. By the way, I didn't even finish it. It was green tea almond, which was not my thing.
Here you can see the meat purchasing counter at one of the markets. This would be an example of where locals would purchase their meat products. This was a common site at the markets. There were usually fans above the meat to attempt to keep the flies off. I know what you are thinking, there is NO form of refrigeration being used.

This photo was taken on our way to the rafting "put in" site. The road was so rough, at one point we heard a dragging noise...NOT good!! Luckily it was only the spare tire being drug. The rafting guide that was with us had to sit for the remainder of the drive (which was rather rough) on the top of the van.
Also on the ride for rafting, this was a common site for the area. This is a very popular Thailand attraction for visitors, riding elephants. The sole purpose is to ride the elephant on a jungle trail. You end up right back where you started and the people on the ride really didn't look that enthusiastic about it. I am sure it was fun for the first few minutes...maybe!

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