Friday, August 14, 2009

We arrived yesterday morning. We had some time to blow before we could get into the hotel, so we wondered around the city (see above). It is gorgious! There are so many things to see (i.e. parks, pubs, cathedrals, tours). There are cathedrals around every corner. They are like Starbucks!
During our search for things to do, we realized that the Guinness Storehouse did tours until 9pm! We thought that would be a good way to end the day. I will have to say the tour was nice, but the best part was the view from the 9th floor of the storehouse. It was amazing!! You could see all of the city AND the country side that lies beyond it! We ended the day at an Irish pub. I got Irish Stew...which was like a soup and it contained Rudabega!! Which has always been a family tradition, but I have NEVER seen it in actual cooking beyond my/my mother's kitchen.

Today, we headed out to check out more of the area we are staying. The Temple Bar area is very popular (by the way, here "Bar" means area near the river). We also went to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells (a book of gospels from 300 A.D.). We did quite a bit of walking, but it is enjoyable. The temps are cool (50-60 degrees), so that makes it easier. I am pretty sure that Jennifer pulled off a sunburn with the overcase skies...I will offer her SPF 55 tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow...we are going to head off to the West Coast. That seems to be where all of the action is! Until then...

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