Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back, by Popular Demand

I apologize!! I did get back to SD on Sunday morning. Things have been crazy and I haven't gotten the last info posted. After getting comments from some of the followers, here is my last post on Ireland:

We had our final adventure in Dingle on Wednesday, horseback riding. We were issued the horses for those that are not experienced in English saddle riding. Basically, these horses could have done this trail with their eyes closed!! They were also willing to stop periodically to graze, I guess we were not supposed to let them do that! But they looked hungry...is that a good excuse? Below you can see Jennifer (the one in black) and her horse, Ivy.

We then moved on to the elusive, Ring of Kerry! This is a road that follows the coast through county Kerry. Supposed to be very scenic. Well, if you can tell from the picture above, it was foggy/cloudy all day. Scenic was not the way we would have summarized the day. The photo below is of a mountain/hill, ...enough said. This is a great time to talk about the weather in Ireland. Everyday could be a combination of rain, sun, fog, and clouds. That cycle could also be gone through numerous times throughout the day. There was no telling how to dress and you always had to be prepared for rain.

The following day we headed to Kilarney (through a gorgeous national park). The Muckross House (see below) was amazing. All of the original furniture from the 1800's, beautiful grounds, and stories of Queen Victoria's visit (prior to the death of Prince Albert).
Finally, we ended our trip with with the age old Irish tradition...kissing the Blarney Stone. I was surprised by how this was somewhat scary (sorry, this is the only photo Jennifer got for me). You have to bend over backwards and dangle your head over this hole in the top floor of the castle (I am going to estimate 60-70 feet up). I can say I did it (you are all going to be amazed by my now present gift of gab due to this visit!!). The flight home is a whole story I don't want to go into (still bitter about 8.5 hours on a plane that flew for 2.5). Another time...maybe!

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