Monday, August 3, 2009

River Rafting-class 4

Today we rafted the Mia Taeng River, near Chaing Mia. It was the best rafting we have ever done together. The class 4 rapids were exciting! Our guide (with Siam River Guides), Jay Won, was great!! We are sorry for the lack of pictures, we didn't want to buy the CD of pic's and didn't bring our camera for obvious reasons (i.e. we were holding on to paddles)! They also have bamboo rafting, we only saw them in the calm waters. I don't know how well they would handle the rough rapids! Some of them were not floating completly in the calm water!!!

During the drive up, we got to see lots of elephants and elephant rides. I found them to be a little was more for the glory of riding an elephant than to use as a mode of transportation.

We did a little shopping at the famous Chaing Mia Night Bazaar. It was not as great, to our standards, as the Sunday night street market. We only got a few things. Tomorrow we are going to venture out into the city more and figure out how the heck we are going to pack all of this stuff to get it back to Bangkok, then to the US!

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