Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ireland, Here I Come!!

I leave in less than 21 hours for Ireland. I plan on printing off my boarding passes so I don't get a lecture from the guy at the check in counter about how you need to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour prior to international flights. REALLY?!? This is Rapid City and I am NOT checking any bags! I feel that bi-passing that encounter might make a better start to my trip.

I am really going to miss Mike on this trip. :( Who am I going to talk to in the airports during layovers? Who is going to watch my baggage while I go to the bathroom so I don't need to navigate 2 bags in the bathroom stall? Who is going to handle all of the money because I don't want to carry my wallet around everywhere? These are just a few of the issues I will have because I am traveling without my best friend (no offense Jeff or Jennifer)!

Oh, I included the photo above (from the internet) to excite you (and myself) about the majesty of Ireland.

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  1. Nicole
    Dont you stay long enough to do laundry??? By the way say "Hi" to your great great great grandmother Stewart. Can you bring me back some Irish Whiskey (single malt).
    Love Dad