Friday, July 24, 2009

We got here!! Railey East/West is amazing!! When took a long boat from Krabi, and due to low tide we got the privilege of walking inland (the beach on this side is mainly coral..very rough). We spent the rest of the day exploring the areas, it is a walk to go to West Riley, which is a nicer beach.

The approaches to the climbs are a real pain. We have to wait until low tide...Mike is on edge all day until the water goes down! Oh yeah, who's the guy with the yellow pack (it's like where's waldo!)?

Mike really was dedicated to this climb. All of those pull-ups are paying off!! This is the reason Mike came to Thailand...climbing on the beach! Mike has been dreaming about climbing on this specific formation for years. What are we going to do with the other 9 days we are here?? Any guesses??

He is loving it here because of the climbing...I am loving the fact they serve corn on the cob every night (oh yeah, the beach, climbing, food, people are nice too!!).


  1. Crop, photoshop out the other people, and frame the picture of Mike approaching the island formation and put it on the wall.

  2. Nicole and Mike - we have been reading and following your trip, just haven't commented yet. Sounds like a very great adventureous get-away. Will keep reading and keep you in our prayers for a safe return. Later, The Krumpi