Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This entry is going to be short pictures...sorry!! Our battery died while we were sitting here uploading pics. Deal with it!

We had another day of dissappointment with deep water soloing. Our lack of a cell phone that works here makes it difficult. We have been sitting on the beach for the past 3 mornings waiting for them to pick us up...no show! We are hoping to get a trip in before we leave, it all depends on if they have enough people sign up before Saturay (which is when we leave this amazing area).

The picture above is of me climbing in the Wee's Present climbing area. The climbs here are so steep I am tired after one. My lack of being able to do a pull up is really causing me to "suck wind" in climbing. Mike is like a rock star (literally), but after he does 4 climbs in a row he is pretty tire too! I think it might be the lack of resting between each lead that does him in!

After our climbing, a horrendous storm blew in. We got to see a water spout (a small tornado over the water). Silly people sitting on the beach just sat and watched it...we moved out of the way. They didn't find it so entertaining when it came ashore and almost blew them over and covered them with sand!

I took a Thai cooking class this afternoon. I was the only student, so we cooked everything I selected! It was great! Amazingly enough, I could actually make these things at home. We are really enjoying the Thai meals, they are delicious and fresh! I have a great picture of the pad thai I made, but you will have to wait for another day (see reason above).

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