Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally, the day has come!

Today, during our breakfast we got the call!! Somehow Wee's climbing called the local climbing shop by our resort. They informed us that we were being called up to the big game today....Deep Water Soloing! There are not many pics because we didn't take many with our camera that we load pictures to the blog...we used our better camera. I guess you will have to wait until we get home!

The picture above is from the second area we went to and was mainly traversing (moving horizontal along the rock). The first area we went to involved more vertical movement...we both went up about 50 feet. It is a little scary falling from that high. Mike really dug it, I am going to stick to being roped up! I like knowing something will catch me. Plus, while you are falling it is hard to remember to keep your mouth closed. We both got salt water in our throat, mouth and ears! Not that enjoyable. This really helps you want to stay on the rock, but once you get to the only have one choice. Think about it!

After a couple of hours of climbing, we motored over to a deserted beach for a lunch break. It was nice having our feet on the ground. The waves were making everyone a little woozy. After lunch we moved to the area shown above.

We are really enjoying the people we meet here, both Thai's and other travellers. They all are very accomidating and we feel we are friends with everyone. It is a very inviting atmosphere. We are loving it!!

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  1. You are a brave woman. I am glad you finally got the call. I would hate to think you missed out on this adventure. I would love to see all the pictures when you get back! Be careful!