Friday, July 31, 2009

Rest Day...Not so much Rest!

We started out planning to go Sea Kayaking...the size of the waves changed our minds. Instead we made our way to the viewpoint and the lagoon. We knew this would be a strenuous hike, but nothing prepared us for the nightmare of how committing the hike was. For only be 300m (less than 1/4mi.) from the start, we thought it couldn't be THAT bad. We were wrong. There were parts that were 5th class scrambles and muddy and slick. I am surprised they have not hauled dead tourists out of there!
The view was amazing...that was worth the hike. Then we started the sketchy decent/mud slide into the lagoon. Down climbing was required to get to the lagoon. It was difficult and the ropes placed for assistance were not that helpful, most of the time, since they were caked in mud.
Once at the bottom, we took some time to relax and catch our breath. It was pretty serene...we were the only ones down there at the time(wonder why??).

We have really been enjoying the people. They are more than helpful, with a smile. They are very hard working and enjoy what they do. We have a feeling of being "locals" since we have our hangouts, and know the people there. It is sort of like "Cheers"! We are going to be sad to leave Sunday :( but paridise cannot last forever!

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