Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fruits of Thailand

Here is a view from the top of a climb on the Escher World wall. It was a fun day of climbing in the shade!! Which is necessary...we need to get out of the sun sometime! Even with this being the low season, there were still 3 other guided parties around us. Imagine what it must be like during peak season!! Climbing is definitally one of the fruits of Thailand!
This evening we took a sunset snorkelling tour. The sunset and the snorkelling were second to an incredible meal on the beach and swimming with the phosphoresent phytoplakton (sp?). Imagine swimming in dark water with lightning bugs attached to your skin and the water when you move! That was absolutely spectacular! Also, getting to see the stars was a highlight for Nicole. We were able to see both the Southern Cross AND Polaris!! That is magical! (It's the Science teacher in me!) Another fruit of Thailand is the incredible beaches and beautiful sunsets!
Finally, the real fruits of Thailand. We sampled some mangosteen (a local favorite) and it was delicious. You eat the white fruit in the center. It was an incredible two days. We are hoping to finally get to go deep water soloing (climbing above water with no ropes) tomorrow. The trip requires a minimum number of people to go, so we are waiting. Patiently, as you can tell!!


  1. Wow Nicole, It sounds fantastic. Be careful and enjoy the remainder of the trip. Your new nephew is a cutie!

  2. Why don't you all do something while your over there, go explore or something....