Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today we got out and around in town. We headed in from our hotel (on the outskirts of Bangkok). I got to have the juice from a fresh coconut (see left), which I have been wanting to do since our trip to Costa Rica (where I didn't get one). I found that much of my desire to drink this was lost after the first sip...not as good as expected. Mike had to be the trooper and finish it.

We also went to the Grand Palace, which was amazing! We had the guided tour, which helped us learn a lot about the culture and the many kings. The amount of gold used in construction of the buildings was unbelievable. One of the buildings is build out of marble which is completely covered with 24k gold. I don't know much about construction, but I do know about gold!!It was spectacular. These people really know how to decorate!!

After the tour of the palace, we got some pad tai (sp?) and went on a long boat ride up the river to the floating market. There were not many vendors today. Below you can see a picture of one of the vendors coming over to our boat. Mike got a coke, she asked if we wanted to buy a beer for the driver of our boat. We respectfully declined.
Both of us also experienced our first Thai massage. It was interesting, yet I enjoyed it. The best description I have of the process is that it is like a wrestling match, but the therapist always wins. Good thing I warned Mike, he would have tried to pin the lady. She was only 90lbs (MAYBE!), yet she could really pack a punch....literally!
We are leaving tomorrow for Krabi. This flight is less than 2 hours, but would take 13 hours by train. I am glad we picked the flight!!!
Thanks those of you that are actually reading this. We appreciate you checking in on us!! Love ya lots!