Saturday, June 11, 2011

We made it!!

After 21 hours of in air flying time, we have made it to the land of smiles (door to door it was 28 hours). We are not posting photos yet, Sorry! We left the camera chords in the room not expecting to find an internet cafe.

We arrived in Bangkok at midnight local time. We were told on the flight that we only had to fill out one immigration form per family. That would have been great if it were true!! Instead, Mike and Tara made it through the line quickly. Cody and I had to find forms (not as easy as assumed) and right at that time another flight arrived, so the line was rediculous!

After a restful night of sleep, we went on the walking tour of Bangkok (aka. we got lost and wondered). We got to see the reclining buddha, the royal palace. We ate at a pad thai place that we enjoyed last time in Bangkok! We are currently out on the town enjoying a night market. I rank my day as a 10 since I wanted to see the reclining buddha and drink soda out of a bag...DONE!(wait for pictures tomorrow!) They serve soda in a bag because the bottles are glass deposit bottles, so they want to keep the bottle. The soda is poured in a small plastic bag with was so delicious!

Interesting things we have seen so far: guy on the plane I am convinced is coming to Bangkok to film the Hangover 3 (sweatband and mustache...I couldn't stop staring), used/previously owned dentures for sale on the street, and many smells I cannot begin to explain.

Tomorrow we head to Krabi and the Phranang area. Known for its beautiful beaches and world class climbing!

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  1. Have a great time--did you get any sleep on the plane? Hope the weather cooperates for you and be careful of the food sold by street vendors.