Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last full day

Since our last post we have not done any tours or trips. We have tried to get on a Sunset Snorkeling trip, but the waves and wind have been too high. Tara has an assignment to watch the moon (for a class she is taking in July), we have enjoyed finding the moon and observing its changes. It has been interesting to see how the tide has been effected by the full moon. During high tide there is very little beach still available, so we have to trek down to an area that actually has sand we can rest on. During the trek yesterday, the waves were especially vicious. They crash up against a concrete wall (created by a resort), so some nasty spills have left Tara with a scraped up hand and Mike with a scraped up foot. Nothing that is major, just enough to be a nuisance.

The boys have really wanted to experience a multi-pitch climb here in Thailand (the methods used on an overhanging multi-pitch are different than what we are used to). They woke up early to get there during low tide and worked their way up. The picture above is of the rappel, which ends on the bathroom roof of one of the local establishments! We leave tomorrow morning, so this will be our last post from Railey!

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