Friday, June 17, 2011

Cultural Expo

Thailand is considered to be the land of smiles. Trust me, you will notice that the people here have an ease about them. Airports are more service oriented and not as difficult to deal with and get through. In Bangkok you do have to be on guard for those that are trying to get you to go to the silk factory (which I am not sure if they are just trying to get your money or take you to the middle of no where for fun!). We did enjoy the school girls at Phat Wo (reclining budda) that were fulfilling a homework assignment by asking us questions about ourselves in English. In Railey, the people are hardworking and personable. Above is the view from our balconies in Railey.

Last night we went to the night market in Krabi. It involved a 15 min boat ride and a 15 min. van ride. The picture above is from the market. She is making fresh soda popsicles. They were yummy and cost 30 cents for 3! We did a little shopping at the market, but most of our fun was experimenting with the variety of food available! Delicious as always!! We had extra time before the van returned, so Tara and I decided to partake in a "relaxing" fish foot treatment. It tickled, I wouldn't consider it relaxing. The fish are eating the dead skin off our feet...yes, it was weird!

Finally, we thought we would include a picture of where we have been posting these things from (see below). This is the internet cafe/travel agency/restaurant/laundry services place we have been frequenting. You may notice that the tide comes right up to the entrance!! We have been enjoying the tide, since it was a full moon yesterday, the tide was pretty extreme!! Very little beach was available to keep our things dry!!


  1. Sounds like to much fun. My feet could have kept the fish busy for a while. Enjoy what time you have left. Mom

  2. Thanks for that fun and educational post! It's like I'm almost there, living vicariously through Tara.