Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Night!

Night before the trip, the last few details to take care of. If there is something not taken care of by now...we are just going to go with it! No cell phones for 12 days, it will be a nice break!! We will be checking our Facebook, e-mail and blog, so please feel free to use those to check in with us.

I know that every trip brings with it an "experience" during the travel, so here it goes!!

My travel motto, "As long as we have money (or credit cards) we are fine"


  1. Looking forward to photos! And wishing all of you a wonderful journey...from Cody's mom, Jeanne, who will be following you from the cold rainy Black Hills of SD :~)

  2. Mother is wondering if you are there! I know ET cannot phone bout a comment?