Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Day EVER!!

So, since our last post: Yesterday Tara and I returned to the beach for some more fun...what did we find?? I guess someone should have paid more attention to the tide!!

Today, we had to wake up "early" (as warned by the guide service) to be at the climbing shop by 9am for our day of deep water soloing. We went with a different company, which cost more, but boy it was worth it! We didn't take a longtail boat, instead our trusty steed was a SAIL BOAT! We took the dingy to the sailboat, and motored out to the deep water soloing formation. Where we climbed until lunch. For lunch we got dropped off on the beach, wedged between two sheer cliffs where we enjoyed the fish swimming at our feet. It is safe to say we were the only 4 people on the island!! We were then asked if we wanted to climb more or sail around. We opted for sailing around the rock islands, of course!! It was an amazing time on the boat, just enjoying the sunshine and stunning views! As were were sitting there Tara said to me, "Remember yesterday when we were sitting on the beach and you said Best day ever? You were LYING!"

We then did some snorkelling where we saw some amazing wildlife...best I have ever seen snorkling!! Upon returning to the boat and thinking "could this get any better?" we were offered fresh cut, ripe watermelon. Spitting the seeds off the gunwhales of the boat added to the experience that much more. We are now heading to dinner to enjoy the local cuisine. Great end to an amazing day.

Deep Water soloing Pictures


  1. Ahhh the beautiful life, can't top this but Thursday I get to ride for 10 hours in a Los Angeles attack nuclear submarine with a crazy Oglala Lakota and a crazier Abenaki and perchance there will be no emergency of national proportions to endanger us "Das Boot" style!

    You guys rock! or climb rocks or are rock stars~
    Enjoy all that Pad Thai for me - Love Abena Songbird