Monday, June 13, 2011

We have arrived!!

I have attached some photos from Bangkok of us: (top)Tara and myself drinking soda from a bag (yes, they didn't have diet coke)and(bottom) in a tuk tuk- bottom (seriously, do a google image search if you don't know how small these things are).

We made it to Railay! This is what we came for! The area is much more comfortable than Bangkok! It actually cools off at night, the people are polite and helpful (sincerely), the sun shines here, and there are fewer unexplainable smells! The photo (right) is what we looked like when we got here...2-3 bags each! This is what we had to carry to and from the boat, which was an experience all its own!

Upon arriving yesterday: We took a 45 min cab ride from Krabi airport to the port of Ao Nang. From there we took a 15 min longtail boat ride to the beach of West Railay. After checking into our hotel (which is much nicer than expected!), we spent the afternoon climbing and enjoying the beach atmosphere.

Today we have gotten our fill of sunshine (slight sunburns, but nothing we can't recover from quickly) and now the boys are out climbing while us girls have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of Thai massages and Facebook. Tara has had some major accomplishments today 1) didn't get sunburned at the beach after 3 hours and 2) making it through an interactive Thai massage. I have tried to explain Thai massages to people and it is something I really struggle with. Here is what I can say, it only costs ~$10 (before the tip) and it is a combination of chiropractic, yoga, massage and wrestling. It is really something you need to experience to understand and respect!

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  1. It looks so beautiful! Need some pictures of the beach, the rocks, the people, more of you, the food, the town, the vegetation, the...! Kudos to Tara for not sunburning! That is truly a colossal feat for her! And I know I could love the massage. Have more fun than you can stand!